New Games Area Inspires All Ages in a NYC Park

Most people may not associate beautiful parks with New York City, but the Big Apple has some magnificent spaces, the most famous, of course, being Central Park, which covers 843 acres. However, there are other parks around the city that are little jewels unto themselves. I’ve written about Madison Square Park adn Washington Square Park, but today’s post is about Bryant Park. Conveniently located between Fifth and Sixth Avenues from West 40th – West 42nd Streets.

Bryant Park’s entertainment includes the carousel and numerous games, such as Kubb, Chinese chess and Quoit, a game which bears similarity to horseshoes.

Bryant Park is like having a little bit of Paris in New York City, and is a great setting for taking a game-cation as the park has just introduced a game area in the 40th Street Plaza.  There are tried and true tabletop games such as Scrabble, mancala, Jenga, playing cards and dominoes, as well as contemporary favorites such as Bananagrams and Apples to Apples. However, visitors to the area can also try out games with a more exotic flavor that go beyond the average, such as Kubb (from Scandanavia), Petanque, Chinese Chess and Quoits (similar to horseshoes).

The game of Kubb as demonstrated by Dan Biederman, president of the Bryant Park Corp.

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One Response to New Games Area Inspires All Ages in a NYC Park

  1. Reyne says:

    Great post Julie, on a new way for New Yorkers to stay engaged in play, no matter their age or abilities!

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