Family Gardening

I have been volunteering my time at the most gorgeous community garden, Project Eden. Under the auspices of the NYC Parks Department’s Green Thumb program, it is hard to believe that our little oasis was once a junk yard. I am still very much a novice, but have fallen in love with gardening and being part of our group. I’ve learned about plants and flowers, but also bigger life lessons such as accepting imperfection, re-purposing found objects to act as stakes to guide flowers and plants; timing-how to plan a garden so there is a flow of colors, texture and edibles, too. It being Memorial Day weekend, I was thrilled to spend more time at the Project Eden garden this weekend. I find that I get lost in it and lose track of time. There is something so great about pressing my hands into the dirt, planting, trimming or just taking it all in. We had so many visitors, too, including lots of young children, some the progeny of garden members, which made being there even more special.

This family even brought a child-sized watering can and let their preschool age daughter get into the fun by digging, adding soil nutrients and even planting. It touched me as such a wonderful way to bond with one another. I had fun showing off our great work and taking families on a little tour of the garden, our herb garden (kids can taste oregano, sage, thyme, basil; sniff the rosemary (my personal favorite) and compare the softer taste of vanilla mint to its stronger, full bodied cousin, peppermint, as well as taken in our gorgeous roses (at least seven varieties) and exotic plants.

What Memorial Day outdoor activities are you enjoying with your kids? Is gardening one of them?


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One Response to Family Gardening

  1. Ryan Stoffregen says:

    Gardening is actually my hobby since it truly aids me to enjoy and loosen up. I like to grow plants and flowers both indoors as well as outdoors. My preferred plants are tropical decorative plants as well as fresh fruit bearing plants.

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