Theatre as a Springboard for Play

I live in New York, and my passion is attending live theatre. I love it all, drama, musicals, dance, and imparted an interest in theatre to my sons, Jacob and Ben. When they were younger, I took full or partial subscriptions to the then, just-opened New Victory, a refurbished history theatre in the heart of NYC’s Time


Square, dedicated to shows for kids and families.

This year, the New Victory is celebrating their fifteenth year, and now teenagers, both of my sons often speak about their New Vic memories and the times we shared together. Our oldest, Jacob, started acting in musical theatre while at the Bronx High School of Science and is now studying theatre at Clark University, where he’s a freshman.

The quality of shows at the New Victory is truly stellar; I am continually impressed by the global array of talent and cutting edge creativity. This is not your typical children’s cute, hackneyed theatre. It’s on a different level completely. Thought provoking and artistically produced, the New Vic offers adults and kids a rich experience they can enjoy on a number of levels.

Parents can use their theatre experience as a springboard to playful exploration at home. After seeing the performance originated by the Windmill Theatre, it is not uncommon for kids ages 2-5 to go home and try to recapture the show through play acting. For parents who wish to extend the theatrical experience at home, read the seven strategies the company uses to encourage playful exploration. Guaranteed, everyone will have fun!


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