Today’s Little Red Riding Hood

I am a big fan of National Public Radio and when I am not listening to it, I enjoy surfing their site and related blogs. This post will make you rethink the age-old fairy tale, Little Red Riding Hood.First published in 1697 in a French anthology of children’s stories, she has been reinvented over the centuries to reflect current cultural mores. In the Shrek movie series, Little Red Riding Hood is a minor character.  She appears selling food in Hansel‘s Honeymoon Hideout, only to run away screaming, and later, in the third film, Shrek the Third, but as a pick pocket. Little Red is seen at the Poison Apple, but it seems like she there to just eat since we didn’t see her agree to Prince Charming. Little Red is seen again stealing money from a dwarf but they are one of the dwarfs that robbed a bar. Little Red stole the money from the dwarfs because it was bad and Far Far Away was conquered.

A new version, written for 21st century readers by a young Swede, Tomas Nilsson, portrays Little Red Riding Hood takes the fable and turns it on its head.

Should classic fairy tales be reinterpreted and updated for the ages? What do you think?

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