Sleepover “To Do’s”

A colleague posted her 8-year old daughter, Samara’s sleepover “to do” list on Facebook, and it is just precious. Her (the mom’s) caption reads, “the innocence of an 8 yr olds friendship sleepover to do list.” This touched so many, including me. Soon,  more than twenty comments appeared from friends who recounted their own childhood sleepover memories.


First, I love how organized and articulate the list is. This child was clearly on a mission to have a fantastic sleepover experience and she knew what she wanted out of it. Secondly,  I was touched by her list of “to do’s, as each one connected back to her sleepover guest. She listed all of the activities that “they” would do together, and that’s pretty special.

I asked Samara’s mom to share her experience of finding the sleepover “to do” list. Here’s what she said. “I found the note on her bedstand, propped up, as they were working down their list. She has never done this before but was so excited that her friend was coming for the overnight, so the list was written days in advance. they did everything on the list sans popcorn (we were out, sadly) and dressing the dogs up was adorable. they laid in bed and read jokes and tee hee’d til lights out. a lovely evening.”

Sleepovers are such a pivotal experience for kids. What are your sleepover memories?


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