Times Square Holiday Spirit

Since I live in the New York City metropolitan area, I tend to pass through Times Square relatively often.

This past week, as the holidays kicked into high gear, the area was teaming with tourists, and I mean, teaming! I felt like Tim Conway playing the old man, trying to make my way through throngs of people. Finally, I had to step out into the street a bit to move at all. I decided to stop and check out the action at the M&M flagship and the Hershey’s store and comparison shop.

An M&M costumed character makes for a great photo opp

My first stop was the M&M store, which was overflowing with customers. There are colored candies and merchandise everywhere, which makes for a mouth-watering display.

Colorful plush toys at the M&M flagship NYC

I think the core attraction is the wall of M&M dispensers which carry candies in rainbow hues, for customers to make their own personalized assortment.

A rainbow assortment of candies

I love the dispensers and filled a bag myself of my favorite colors: green, purple and blue, with a little aqua mixed in.

Things at the Hershey’s store were a lot more traditional and low key, but still super fun.

Hershey's Store, Times Square

Visitors can literally put their name in lights on a neon marquis-like sign or personalize your very own chocolate kiss.

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One Response to Times Square Holiday Spirit

  1. It’s truly amazing to live in New York. So many New Yorkers take for granted of what they have access to.

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