Preview to the KAPi Awards

The Consumer Electronics Show , the monster electronics event where the hottest new technology is previewed in Las Vegas is coming up in early January. That also means that the annual KAPi (Kids at Play Interactive) awards, which take place during the event, will be announced.

The annual KAPi awards recognize the best in children's interactive technology

The Kids at Play Interactive (KAPi) Awards are given at the start of each year during  Kids @ Play Summitat the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The KAPi awards identify children’s technology products that raise the bar for innovation and excellence during the past year. Products considered include video games, apps, toys with interactive features, Internet-delivered content and virtual worlds. In addition, an individual who has been a pioneer in the field of children’s interactive media is named.

Read Robin Raskin’s preview hereon the best interactive toys and games for kids.

DoodleCast by zinc Roe

You may want to reconsider your holiday shopping list as a result of these cutting edge recommendations.

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