Santas Run Amok in the Big Apple

Last weekend, I noticed legions of Santas walking the streets of New York City.

Legions of Santas of all different shapes and sizes swarmed the streets of NYC.

My dad and I had driven to the city (I live about a half hour away) where I would drop him off at Penn Station. From the moment we went over the Ed Koch/59th Street Bridge, there were Santas everywhere, elves, too, and more. I got excited and kept exclaiming, “Dad, quick, pull over. I need to snap a photo.”

It may not signify Christmas in the traditional sense, but a dalmatian costume sure is fun.

He was getting a bit annoyed as it isn’t always so easy to zoom over to the side in the midst of NYC holiday traffic. But I was determined to get my photos. After seeing so many Santas and other adults in costume, I figured something bigger was going on.

Santas et al. gather on East 33rd Street

I asked one of the Santas and he affirmed that it was SantaCon, a now annual event in NYC, a sort of precursor to Christmas merrymaking. There is a charitable component to the celebration, but also a drinking component, which I won’t get into here. What I liked about it were the creative costumes, which included offbeat interpretations of Santa, Elves and other characters often associated with the  holiday. It was all in the name of fun. Following are my snapshots.

The wise men and friends

Christmas and an ode to Chanukah

Is it possible? A "Hasidic" Santa


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