Great Books for Tween-Teen Age Back Seat Readers

You may already know that I love listening to National Public Radio (NPR) and do so whenever I can, usually while riding in the car. Sometimes that causes an argument from my son, Ben, who would prefer to listen to Alt Nation on Sirius radio (which I also enjoy). The stories on NPR are almost always good and thought provoking. I used to love reading to my sons, but now that they are teenagers, here’s a great book club to know about. My kids were always able (and still do) read in the backseat. Ben is now into reading rock and roll biographies, which is great. Jacob, now a college freshman, is reading Game of Thrones. They like to curl up under a blanket with a book light (if we’re driving at night) with their iPod plugged in. I still don’t understand how they can really read AND listen to music at the same time, but somehow they do.

I was unaware, but maybe you know that NPR started the Backseat  Book Club for  younger listeners, which focuses on”kid lit.”

Of course, you don’t need an official book club to inspire some thoughtful backseat reading. So, if you’re looking for some new literary choices for your kids, check out  Annick Press. Their books are terrific and cover such interesting, timely topics that make kids think (and put their tech toys down for a while!). I enjoy sharing literature with my son Ben. When he’s assigned a book for school, I will get a copy for myself and read it concurrently. Then, we have a conversation about the book. It’s been so much fun for us to come together about reading.

Here are a few of Annick Press’ young adult selections to consider.

Chanda's Secrets is a powerful story that was turned into an award-winning film.


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