Creativity in Mystery Paper Sculptures

National Public Radio has been reporting on a story of the phantom library sculptor and it really got me in the heart. Here’s the gist: a series of uniquely beautiful paper sculptures have been found in libraries and museums throughout Edinburgh, Scotland.

There has been no name attached to any of them, but they have captured the public’s attention and that’s pretty cool. This story touched me for several reasons. I love to read and have recently rediscovered my passion for it. I have also reignited my love for museums and find that with each visit, I open my mind. I truly believe that these experiences make me to be a more creative person. Second, I, like many people, are concerned about the state of our public libraries–their loss of funding–and well as the funding of museums and the arts.  Third, I love the imagination and creativity used to execute meaningful sculpture (from paper—a very basic material available to all) to promote an important message. Fourth, I think it’s awesome how these beautifully-executed sculptural messages and vignettes have engaged the public while maintaining a sense of mystery.  In our busy, technologically-connected world, if these sculptures make you stop and think for just a moment, then they have achieved something special.

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