Storytelling with Flowers

Last weekend, my friend Deborah, took me to the acclaimed Philadelphia International Flower Show, an event I have read about for years, but never attended. We went on Sunday, March 13th, which was also the day that Daylight Savings Time went into effect. The first day of daylight savings time is when you feel just a little bit off track, and that is exactly how the day started. I was supposed to get to Deb’s in New Jersey at about 9am, only that is when I woke up, thinking it was 8am. I dashed into the shower and ran out the door, getting there pretty quickly since there was no traffic, by about 10:20am. We grabbed coffee and bagels and got on the road, chatting all the way. The Flower show is held downtown at the Philadelphia Convention Center. We quickly found a parking lot, and walked quickly to the show, not wanting to miss a moment. As you go up the escalator, you can feel the energy, and then as you walk in to the show, you can’t help but gasp and say, “wow”!


It is that-kind of breathtaking–a mix of color, scent and texture.


To bowl over guests as they walk into the convention center, there are giant sculptures of a peacock (above), a unicorn and an amazing ostrich formed from feathers, ferns, flowers and twigs. Truly imaginative.


Another exhibit was fashioned after the classic  film with Gene Kelly and Leslie Caron, An American In Paris, one of the most romantic movies of all time. The floral displays also incorporated video clips from the film.

Folies Bergeres-inspired display

An American In Paris-inspired floral display

The display made me think about the movie in an entirely new and different and beautiful way.

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