Kids stuff

I admit that I am a packrat at heart, meaning I collect and hold on to stuff. The mom of two boys, I still have all of their old clothes, shoes and toys including bags and bags of blocks in every size and color, vending machine tzotchkes they collected over the years and stacks of books we used to enjoy reading together. When I heard about, I thought , “this is a great idea, so why didn’t I think of it?” Now, those of us parents who seriously want to get rid of some of our kids’ old stuff–clothes that no longer fit, books, toys, equipment: strollers, high chairs—can sell it  on to earn extra money to buy new stuff! The site caters specifically to parents  and it’s easy to get started. I also like the recycling aspect of the resale process and as a bonified packrat, it somehow feels better that my kids’ stuff and all of the memories that are attached to it are finding another home.


About The Playtime Mom

Unofficial NYC ambassador, play advocate, toy and youth entertainment industry insider and mom
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