Great Cakes

We had a great visit with our cousins who came down from Vermont–Anna, Ron and their adorable 11 year-old twins, Lydia and Theo. After enjoying an Asian-fusion kind of meal, Theo asked, “can we go to that great ice cream place afterward?” He was referring to Sundaes and Cones at 95 East 10th Street in New York’s bustling East Village, just off Third Avenue. It is an unusual shop, meaning that the ice creams and desserts are made from unusual ingredients with an Asian twist including black sesame, wasabi and corn. I know what you are thinking–these don’t sound like ice cream flavors, but they are! And, even better, they are delicious. The fun is in exploring and trying one of a slew of exotic flavors. In addition to great ice cream, their cakes are pretty special, too, borrowing themes from pop culture.

Scrabble board cake

I have seen a lot of richly decorated cakes in my time, and New York City is brimming with shops like The Cupcake Cafe, Magnolia and others which have intricate decor, but these seem to be more playful.

Monkeying around cakeThe frosting colors are also really interesting, especially the tints of blue.Totoro cake

I love the choice of characters, too, much more cool than the typical mainstream characters like Buzz Lightyear. These have crossover appeal,  kids and adults would enjoy any of these cakes!

Ramen and sushi cake
St. Patrick’s Day cake

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