Crazy Nail Colors

I got to see my adorable niece Ida (5 yrs) and nephew Reggie (almost 3 yrs) yesterday, as well as their parents—my sister-in-law, Caitlin and brother-in-law, Jonathan. Jonathan, Ida and ReggieThis is always a treat for me because I love playing with them, but also because it brings me back to my own childhood. At the moment, they love experimenting with wild and wacky nail polish colors as a way of expressing their creativity and style. Caitlin and Jonathan are totally cool about having Reggie get in on the fun with his big sister, and why not? Yesterday, upon seeing me, Ida proudly splayed her fingers to show me she was wearing teal blue on one hand and navy blue on the other.

Ida and Reggie's colorful fingernails

Ida and Reggie's colorful fingernails

Reggie was wearing neon orange on one hand and teal blue on the other. I was wearing my usual color, O.P.I. Sweet Memories—kind of boring in this context!

Reggie's neon orange and teal blue fingernails

As per usual, Ida asked me to put some makeup on her, so I applied some glittery MAC eye shadows from the A Tartan Tale compact and NARS lip crayon in Walkyrie topped off with a swipe of Jordana drug store lip gloss which also has a nice scent. She looked and felt so glam and was admiring herself in my compact.

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