Playing with “Oscar”

One might speculate that we are all “playing” a bit too much online these days, checking and posting on Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In or whatever your favorite online destination may be. In addition to being fascinated by play, I love going to see live theatre, and living in NY is a theatre-goers paradise. The other night, I was walking to see Driving Miss Daisy with James Earl Jones and Vanessa Redgrave, when my 13-year old son, Benjamin, called. He goes to high school in the city; after school he hung out with friends and wanted to meet me, even for a short while before I went to the show. So sweet of him, and how could I resist! I told him to meet me on Broadway (the Golden theatre is on 45th Street off Broadway). I wasn’t sure which street on Broadway, so we keep connecting by cell phone until we decided on a specific street. As I walked, I came upon the Oscar interactive photo display on Broadway at West 36th Street which invited passersby to have their photo taken with a real Oscar—the Academy Award—this year’s ceremony is coming up on February 27th, which coincidentally, is Benjamin’s 14th birthday. Ben kept calling to ask where we should hook up; I was short with him because I was immersed in figuring out how to work the interactive photo display. When we met, Ben was aggravated that I was “wasting” time–wanting to have my photo taken with an Oscar was so silly, he said. I persisted, but was fumbling with the interactive screen. Within two minutes, he had it all figured out. We took a few photos, finally settling on two poses and emailed them to ourselves. Then, we stopped in at a quick serve sushi place, had a bite to eat, caught up on the days’ news. I dropped Ben off at the subway to go home, and I went on to see the show. I may never win an Oscar, but the moments spent with Ben engaging in the photo display were priceless.


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Unofficial NYC ambassador, play advocate, toy and youth entertainment industry insider and mom
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