Learning to Play Angry Birds Before Tying Shoes?

In a Wall Street Journal blog post, Learning to Play Angry Birds’ Before You Can Tie Your Shoes, reference to a recent survey states that 14% of kids ages 4 or 5 could tie their shoes, while 21% could play or operate at least one smartphone app. While I guess I am not entirely surprised by this statistic, it does make one think, “how are kids spending their leisure time today and what happened to good old-fashioned play”? The survey results also hit home for me; my sons love tech toys and gadgets. However, they still enjoy the opportunity to go into their own imaginary world. When he was very young, Ben used to say, “mom, I am going into my world now.” It always impressed me that even as a little boy he was conscious of this transition; he was so incredibly aware of his own need for imaginative play. For him, it was always the most satisfying play time. He could be “in his world” for an hour or so; we would often hear him talking to himself, role playing in another room. Initially, my husband and I thought it was funny, but in reality, it was such a healthy experience. After such a session, he would emerge with such a happy and fulfilled look on his face.

About The Playtime Mom

Unofficial NYC ambassador, play advocate, toy and youth entertainment industry insider and mom
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