See me on Better Connecticut TV!

This week, I appeared on Better Connecticut TV, aka Eyewitness News 3 aka WFSB-TV to showcase Hot Holiday Toys. It was super fun, and the first time I did a TV show in front of a live audience. Hosts Kara and Scot were super-nice and totally into the toys. In fact, Scot unexpectedly popped onto the segment, riding the Shox Scooter through the studio! All of the toys featured have superb play value, meaning kids will find them especially engaging and will play with them again and again.

You can go to , and then click on the right hand side under “Top Stories” and scroll to Julie Livingston Has Gift Tips for the Little Ones to see the video.


About The Playtime Mom

Unofficial NYC ambassador, play advocate, toy and youth entertainment industry insider and mom
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One Response to See me on Better Connecticut TV!

  1. Shara says:

    So cute! You did a great job… I wish I could ride the scooter as well as Scot — lol!

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