Welcome to my blog about play

Welcome to Play Time With Julie, a new blog about the meaning, fun and magic of play. “Play” is a subject that fascinates me, from a number of different perspectives. As a parent (of two teenage boys), I have always enjoyed playing with my sons, from before the time they could talk or walk, and into adolescence, embracing the magical energy and lightheartedness that occurs from playing a board game, tossing a ball, or just being silly together. Watching my boys play with their friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, or even by themselves is a total rush, as energizing and refreshing as jumping into a lake.

Over the last nine years in my professional life, I have also developed a unique appreciation for play. Starting in 2002, I worked as a Director, Corporate Communications for Scholastic, the children’s entertainment and publishing industry; I oversaw public relations for the NYC-based Toy Industry Association, where I worked on the annual NY Toy Fair where buyers from around the globe would come to shop for the best in toys; and now for Child’s Play Communications, specialists in reaching moms, where play is a key topic of conversation.  Over the last decade, I have met and formed relationships with numerous experts involved in play including toy designers and inventors, academicians, museum curators, collectors,  toy makers and marketers, trend experts and toy journalists, child psychologists, safety experts and the hundreds of moms I interface with every day on and off line. It is through all of these experiences that I hope to shed new light, and perhaps increased reverence for the importance of play.

Comments? Questions? Email me at: playtimewithjulie@gmail.com.


About The Playtime Mom

Unofficial NYC ambassador, play advocate, toy and youth entertainment industry insider and mom
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